Ranges & Ovens

We rely on our cooking appliances multiple times a day. When they break, it can disrupt our entire day.


Why doesn't my element heat properly?

- The element control switch, wiring or the element itself could be at fault. Have us inspect the wiring and troubleshoot the circuit to find the problem. Faulty wiring can be dangerous.


Why does my oven take long to heat up?

- The bake or broil element, heat sensor or electronic oven control may need replacing. Check the breaker too and reset it first before calling us and note any error codes.

Oven door glass

Can my oven window be cleaned inside?

- If your oven door window has grease stains on the inside between the glass, we can disassemble the door and clean the glass for you.

Get back to a home cooked meal and call us today.

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