Washers & Dryers

Laundry appliances are an underappreciated convenience...until they stop working.


Why is my washer stuck in mid cycle and won't continue?

- Malfunctioning door lock, fill valve or drain pump are common causes. If your washer has a drain filter clear out, check and clean that out first. Other times it could be a balance sensor, motor feedback or control board issue. Have us pinpoint if it's a mechanical problem or troubleshoot an electronic issue. Please note any error codes before you call us.


Why does my dryer take long time to dry?

- If you can, clean out your dryer duct from the dryer all the way to the outside and make sure your flexible duct behind the dryer isn't crushed. Vent restriction is the most common cause of dryer problems. If your dryer is not heating properly, the element, wiring or thermostat may be the issue. If the dryer is very noisy, the bearings or idler pulley may be seizing up. If left too long, they can break off causing other damage

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